Friday, June 06, 2008

Scientology kids

Here's a great site to check out or to link to about Scientology kids and the wins they have using Scientology.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Terrorist Hate Crimes Against Scientology

Watch this.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Why do some people attack Scientology?

Start with another question: Why do terrorists attack and hate the United States?

It starts with a deep seated fear, a terror of anyone or any group that is successful that is helping people live free and is succeeding at it.

Face it. Some people are jealous. Sometimes the reaction to jealousy is to try to tear down the object of the jealousy as a solution. Multiply that jealousy into a general and pronounced world view and that type of personality is driven insane when seeing others do well. It is the worst kind of inferiority.

We’ve all seen the type. The put-down artist, the ridiculer, the mean bully. What’s behind it? TERROR – terror of others. Their solution – attack (attack the hallucinatory source of their terror).

There are really two types. The very worst are the quiet ones, the ones hard to detect working behind the scenes to harm and getting others to do their bidding. There are of course the obvious ones like the Hitlers and the Bin Ladens. Also, unfortunately, there are the larger numbers of those influenced by these types of terrorized minds as we saw in the mass hysteria in Germany in the 30’s and 40’s and today in the suicide bombers and other followers of terrorists.

The cyber-terrorists and others who attack Scientology simply are one of the two types. Since Scientology helps make people stronger and live better lives, this makes the inferior feeling, internally twisted/terrorized personality go wild and thus the attacks with any kind of lie against this group that helps so many get stronger.

Others getting stronger is the worst outcome for this type of personality, so in their twisted minds, it must be stopped, lied about, slandered and libeled. This personality then lies further to try to create mass hysteria through every possible avenue.

Think for yourself. How can Scientology have grown so much and have so many praise it if there wasn't something of value there? Buy one or go to the library and actually read a book by Mr. Hubbard. See for yourself and then, on your own, accept or reject the value or lack of value in this subject.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Criticism of Scientology

As a Scientologist who has benefited greatly from my almost 40 years involved with the Church I'm always amazed at those who criticize Scientology. Sometimes you can excuse it as ignorance, sometimes as a result of "data" someone other than a Scientologist portrays as factual. It's kind of like the kid's game of telephone where the original fact gets altered as the communication goes from person to person. It also may be that the first data spread is a lie and that gets altered.

Here's what one can do to see what the facts are. Read the original! Read some of Hubbard's books and see if they make sense. Also, look and think for yourself. There is an interesting bit of knowledge in The Way to Happiness by Mr. Hubbard on the chapter, "Be Competent."

It says: "Look. See what you see, not what someone tells you that you see. What you observe is what you observe. Look at things and life and others directly, not through any cloud of prejudice, curtain of fear or the interpretation of another."

That's good advice for any subject and for life but certainly would apply to Scientology. Get books on Scientology by Mr. Hubbard and read for yourself and don't cloud your observation with the prejudice, fears and interpretations of others.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scientology should be met with tolerance

Here's an article/letter to the editor of Variety Magazine from Bert Fields, one of the top Hollywood lawyers about Scientology


Posted: Mon., Feb. 11, 2008, 2:00pm PT
Scientology should be met with tolerance
Letter to the editor
Dear Peter, I was disappointed by your recent column on Scientology and Tom Cruise. You say some things that are surprising coming from a man of your intelligence and education. You seem to recognize that, in America, we are all supposed to be free to practice -- and even preach -- the religion of our choice. Then, you appear to deny this fundamental right to Scientologists because of "their beliefs and protocols." You add "To be a Scientologist is not like being a Lutheran." Evidently you mean that Scientology's "beliefs and protocols" are less worthy and make it a "cult," rather than a valid religion deserving of protection.
Yet, when Lutheranism began, it was also branded a heretical cult, and its adherents were massacred and burned at the stake for their beliefs.
Indeed, in its early days, Christianity was reviled as an evil and heretical cult. Remember, its leader was crucified.
And, when their religions were in their early phases of development, Mormons and Christian Scientists were condemned as practitioners of dangerous, cult-like beliefs.
History tells us that every new religion has been greeted with disdain, discrimination and often murderous rage by its more established predecessors.
You ridicule as bizarre what Andrew Morton falsely describes as the core beliefs of Scientologists -- what you call their "beliefs and protocols." You suggest that these are wild fantasies, rather than legitimate religious tenets.
Oh? How about creating Eve from Adam's rib, or the Red Sea parting for the children of Israel, or God speaking to Moses from a burning bush or Jonah living in a whale.
How about Christ rising from the dead or walking on water? How about Catholic children being taught that, in taking Holy Communion, they are eating Christ's flesh and blood?
Then there's the Angel Moroni's descent into upstate New York to show Joseph Smith the buried golden tablets on which the Book of Mormon is based.
I do not mean to ridicule these beliefs. They are widely held by Jews and Christians of all denominations. I cite them only to illustrate that every religion has some "beliefs and protocols" that may defy modern scientific thinking. But you and Morton single out for ridicule the beliefs he incorrectly attributes to Scientologists, as if "legitimate" religions believe only in things consistent with contemporary physics and biology.
I expect this of Morton. His book is replete with bigoted and demonstrable lies -- and tired, old lies at that. It manages to be both bogus and boring at the same time.
I expect more of you. I expect that singular hallmark of intelligent and educated people ... tolerance.
As to Tom Cruise, he is more than a Scientologist, just as I am more than a Jew and Barack Obama and John McCain are more than Christians. Tom is a loving husband, a devoted father, a hard working, dedicated actor and producer, and, as anyone who knows him will tell you, a fine, decent, generous man. He deserves better from you.
You have my permission to publish this letter, but only in its entirety, so that the context is not lost.
Sincerely,Bertram FieldsLaw Offices of Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Scientology - Controversy?

Interesting, I've been reading The Scientology book Advanced Procedures and Axioms by L. Ron Hubbard. Great information especially about efforts and counter efforts. So this brought up the so called controversy about Scientology which I am now understanding. In the book there's lots of information about destructive and constructive personalities.

Unfortunately, there are those who oppose betterment activities because of the misguided motivation that to survive they've got to keep others down. Unfortunately, individuals like this could be intelligent and well spoken but they run their lives from the viewpoint that "if others are strong, I wouldn't succeed." This sad state of affairs of this type of individual is behind the controversy of Scientology. Something that truly helps like Scientology drives this kind of personality wild so they set up web sites, spread rumors and worse since Scientology really helps people - what could be worse for the dominating, nullifying personality than his/her victims getting strong and better?

Think for yourself. Read Scientology from the source and make up your own mind.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tabloid writer spreads lies about Tom Cruise

Read the truth here Tom Cruise Biography